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Venture: Journey to Carpathia is a turn based strategy game where you compete for resourcespoints, and territory.

Carpathia is a brand new flourishing land that is ripe for a new civilization. The only problem is that your enemies have just arrived as well. Whose strategy will result in the necessary expansion needed to lay claim to the land?

The Venture is on!


Your strength as a conqueror of Carpathia is expressed through the growth of your individual Villages as well as the territory claimed by them. Finding the balance of Upgrades and Ventures could make or break your campaign.


Resources are at a never before seen abundance. Harvest and use them wisely to your advantage in funding your Venture. 

Resources are used for building new Venturers and Villages as well as buying Upgrades. Resources can also be traded in the Market.


Though at first it may seem Carpathia is welcoming with open arms, the harsh weather arrives to make one think otherwise. Wildfires, rainstorms, and droughts will seek to cut off your resource harvests and slow your progress.


Lay claim to Carpathia in the name of your chosen guild. In future development: guilds will grant certain perks to encourage different play styles and help by giving you certain advantages.


Even in these new lands more surprises await. Strange and powerful obelisks have begun to appear across the land. In future development: more uses for magic such as spell crafting.

Our game is being actively developed by a small team and we have put together our first initial build in time for PAX Online 2020! We would love to hear your feedback on our game in the comments below and in our feedback form

Our game demo is being offered for free so that we can get as wide of an audience to experience our game as we can. However, donations will be gladly accepted to help us further develop Venture: Journey to Carpathia.

Further Development

We have big plans for Venture: Journey to Carpathia! If you would like to follow along with our development please join our discord and check out our Devlog for more information on what is to come! We will be posting monthly updates so those interested can see the ongoing development of the game.

On the Horizon

  • More complex AI and selectable difficulties
  • More guild functionality including perks, abilities, and new win conditions
  • Multiplayer integration
  • Combat
  • More continents and sailing

Feedback & Bug Reports

Please address any feedback and bug reports to their respective discord channels.

Official Website


Stream Team

 - https://www.twitch.tv/odinzate


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Hey everyone ! Hope you are all well! I am a small channel that tries to promote indie games and I picked this one up with this purpose. Had a lot of fun and hope you enjoy the video! Its a great game that's totally worth trying out and supporting if you can.

Thank you for supporting this game!


Thank you for taking a look at our game!

No worries thank you for making such an awesome game!


Ahh 921 Mb!

(1 edit) (+1)

Yeah, we've been working on cutting them down but due to the texture size we initially exported at, the game is a little large.


This game is great to play! The AI and the strategy of this  game provide a balance of fun and competition. The details in the graphics of the tiles are visually pleasing to look at when playing the game. I can not wait to show this to my friends!


We're glad you enjoyed it! Don't forget to fill out our feedback from if you had any issues or have suggestions!


Awesome job on this game! I really enjoyed the unique strategy behind it. The UI is done very well alongside your 3D models. Can't wait to see multiplayer added so I can play with my friends online! 


Thank you for taking the time to play our game! We can't wait to get multiplayer in either!